XXL nipple developers - Breast Pumps

XXL nipple developers

These Twisty XXL nipple suckers are the perfect accessories for increasing nipple volume and making them more sensitive too. The screw creates a vacuum for intense suction. They have an internal diameter of 50 mm and an internal length of 4 cm.



Convincing in 5 points! 

  • Increases nipple size;
  • Makes them more sensitive;
  • Suction sensation ;
  • XXL size;
  • Perfect for starting cross-dressing.

Valentine's opinion our crossdressing expert: 

With regular use of nipple developers, you'll see your nipples grow in size and, above all, become more sensitive and receptive to different stimuli. I like to use them during moments of relaxation, like before bedtime or when I wake up in the morning!

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