Emma Brown Long Wig - Brown

Emma Brown Long Wig

The Emma Brown Long Wig is the perfect combination of intense brown, long straight fit with fringe and adjustable waist. It is made with synthetic fibres for a natural and durable effect. Practical, it is easy to maintain and adapts to all morphologies for a unique and personalized look.


Convinced… in 5 points!


- Intense brown.

- Straight long cut with fringe.

- Adjustable size.

- Natural effect, synthetic fibres.

- Easy to maintain.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvesting


We love the Emma Brown Long Wig for its intense color and straight and elegant cut. It frames your face to give you an assertive, sliced look. Its long fringe also underlines your gaze, bringing mystery and seduction to your attitude. Thanks to it, you change style as you change universe. Easy to wear, light and comfortable, it is adjustable inside thanks to a small hook that can be adjusted according to its head circumference.


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We like its straight cut and fringe, ideal to give a younger look to your face. The Emma Brown Long Wig offers a real natural look to your style. Composed of synthetic fiber, it has very realistic hair resembling much human hair. Of excellent quality, they are pleasant to the touch. Easy to comb, its owner is recommended to use only a brush instead of a comb to maintain its quality.


Description (and composition)

Synthetic hair

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