Olivia long chatain wig - Chestnut

Olivia long chatain wig

The Olivia long chestnut wig is made to give you a sophisticated and glamorous look. With its premium synthetic hair and long side strand cut, it will instantly add depth and texture to your look. The gradient at the tips adds a subtle and natural touch to fall to the ground.



Convinced...in 5 points:


  • brown color
  • long cut
  • side fuse
  • synthetic hair
  • hair degraded to tips


Valentine, our cross-dressing expert:

This wig for transvestite men is very feminine thanks to its length and also thanks to its cut worked in gradient, which harmonizes and frames your face. With these multiple adjustable fasteners you will all have the comfort and support you need to create all the cuts you want. You will have a beautiful hair that will make more than one envious during your feminization.

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