Warm waxing kit for transvestites - Hair removal

Warm waxing kit for transvestites



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  •  Professional quality products
  • Complete kit designed for transvestite men
  • Compatible with all skin types
  • Allows to remove also the downs
  • Ideal temperature to avoid pain


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing :

Hairiness is far from being appreciated on women's legs. For this reason, the Arsène Valère laboratory has developed a kit specially designed for men, and more precisely for transvestites, for warm waxing. Efficient and complete, this package contains everything you need to perform hair removal treatments at home, just like in a salon or institute. The instructions in French tell you how to proceed and how the cartridge heater works. Depending on your sensitivity, you can supplement your hair removal treatment with a soothing cream.


Learn more about Warm waxing kit for transvestites :

  • Tip : After heating a cartridge in the device, the wax reaches a temperature of 38 °C. Apply the wax to the area to be depilated, then add the strip and remove it abruptly.
  • Our tip : the use of pre- and post-waxing gels can reduce the pain of waxing.
  • Complementary products : soothing cream



4 x honey warm wax cartridge 100 ml (601031)
1 x non-woven strip for depilatory wax x 250 (601131)
1 x post-waxing chamomile oil 150 ml (601100)
1 x single cartridge heater (601210)

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