Red Fiona Wig - Redhead

Red Fiona Wig

Beautiful wig Fiona red very feminine, perfect to transform! It has a soft and pleasant touch thus bringing a natural look. The pose is practical thanks to the net under-wig. Complete your sexy outfit for transvestites and put it forward!


Convinced… in 5 points!


  • Beautiful red wig very feminine
  • Perfect accessory to transform
  • Soft and pleasant touch
  • Easy maintenance and convenient installation (net under wig)
  • Completes a sexy outfit for transvestites


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvesting

To have a pretty red hair, it’s very long, so to speed up the process, just put on the superb Fiona wig for transvestites. These long red hair allow you to change style in the blink of an eye, without taking the lead. What I like in long hair like those of this wig is the possibility of styling them (fuzzy bun, light mat, or double braids) or to wear it naturally. The touch is soft. When you look at the wig, you don’t notice, at first glance, that it is synthetic hair. Surprise your entourage with a radical change (and especially reversible!).


Learn more about the Fiona wig

Advice for use: we recommend that you tie your hair for greater comfort

Our tip: wearing a wig produces a large amount of perspiration. We recommend wearing a net under a wig

Care: Must be washed with mild soap or shampoo and rinsed with warm water. Allow to air dry and brush gently without forcing.

Complementary products: net under wig, makeup box, sexy clothes for transvestites


Brand: King’s

Capacity: 1

Colour: Red

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